Kat (homexlife) wrote in p0sh_0nes,

name:: Kat(herine)
age:: 14
location:: Connecticut
favourite colours:: pink & red
favourite bands:: The Ataris, Nirvana, Something Corporate, John Mayer, The Beatles, Brand New, Foo Fighters... etc. see info !
favourite shops:: Bloomingdales, Burberry, Urban Outfitters, Coach, Jasmine Sola, Tiffany, AE, French Connection
hobbies:: shopping (buying shoes, specifically), traveling, playing guitar, outside-ish things, running, softball...
why you chose your user name:: its a John Mayer song
pictures (or illustration of self):: I only have one but its from two years ago.
what you wore today: into details? well. red suede puma shoes, (no socks b/c I didnt feel like wearing them. this is my anti-sock week.) citizens of humanity jeans, fcuk striped shirt, dolce&gabbana belt.
(haha. so many labels/brands. guess that makes me a labelwhore of sorts.)
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